During the summer months when school is not in session, you'll need to make plans for childcare while you're at work. There are a lot of options to explore. Some parents leave their children at home with a sitter during the day. Other parents drop their kids off with an extended family member. Another alternative you may want to consider — even if it is just for a few weeks — is day camp. Here are a few benefits of sending your child to a day camp for summer childcare.

Your child will get to participate in multiple fun activities.

Sure, your child may enjoy staying home and relaxing with a sitter in the summer. But at summer day camp, they'll get to have lots of unique experiences. The exact activities will depend on the camp, but it's common for camps to do things like swimming, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and more. Your child may discover a new passion that drives them and motivates them for years. And they'll also learn new skills and develop a more well-rounded view of the world from these experiences.

Your child will get exercise.

Exercise is important for kids. In the summer, when kids are not taking PE classes at school, they may need some planned activities to keep them active. Day camp generally comes with lots of exercise opportunities. Whether your child plays Frisbee golf or goes for a hike, you can bet they'll get plenty of physical activity at camp.

Your child will meet new people.

Your child probably sees the same kids, over and over again, at school and during other activities. It can be nice for them to meet new people and make new friends in a different setting. At day camp, they may meet kids from other school districts. They'll have more time to interact with these other kids than they have during the school day, too. Many a lifelong friendship has begun at summer day camp.

Your child will also meet counselors and leaders at camp. Since they interact with kids in a less formal setting than school, these adults can really become influential, helpful leaders in a kid's life.

If you have a day camp in your area, consider using it to meet at least some of your child care needs this summer. Whether you send your child for one week or six weeks, they'll enjoy the benefits above.