Which type of exercise class is right for you? You're ready to start a new physical activity plan. But you don't know which one of the many fitness programs to choose. Before jumping into a new class, take a look at the questions to ask.

What Is Your Current Fitness Level?

Is this the first exercise class you've taken in years? If you're new to physical fitness or just getting back into the swing of a workout routine, you need a class that caters to beginners. While you might want to challenge yourself physically, the class needs to match your current level. As you build strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance, you can move up to a more intense or demanding type of class.

What Skills Do You Want to Develop?

Do you want to improve strength? Is aerobic endurance important to you? List the skills you want to build. If you're not sure what you want to develop or are new to the world of physical fitness, start with something general. A class that includes multiple types of exercises and allows you to build strength, flexibility, and endurance at the same time can help you to judge what areas you want to concentrate on.

What Interests You?

Does a specific type of class or exercise method appeal to you? Physical fitness isn't a chore. But if you choose the wrong type of class, it may feel like one. Think about what interests you. Read the class descriptions or talk to the instructor about what types of activities the program includes. This information can help you to find an option that matches your existing interests.

When Do You Want to Exercise?

Is your schedule tight? Whether work, carpool, or other obligations limit your time, you need a class that fits into your daily or weekly routine. Make sure your program of choice has classes available on the days and at the times you need.

What Does Your Medical Provider Say?

Do you have a chronic medical condition, injury, or other health-related issue that could impact your ability to exercise safely? Fitness classes can help some adults to improve their overall health, decrease symptoms of some types of diseases, or even heal from some types of surgery. Discuss the best options for your individual needs with a medical provider before you choose a new fitness program. Your doctor may want you to avoid certain types of exercise or may encourage you to try specific classes.

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