Regardless of what fitness goals you have, one of the essential pieces of equipment to buy when you're setting up a home gym is a workout bench. Workout benches are integral to perform a variety of strength-training exercises, and they can also be a valuable tool for stretching — in addition to a place to take a short rest between vigorous exercises. If you visit your local fitness equipment store, you'll find that there are a number of different workout benches at different price points. Your budget may influence what you buy to some degree, but you should aim to buy a bench that offers these features.

Adequate Length And Width

You'll notice that different workout benches have different lengths and widths. While you might have to opt for a compact bench if your home gym is on the smaller side, a bench that is a little longer and wider than some of its counterparts will offer a lot of value. If you're tall, a longer bench will feel comfortable when you're lying on it for a strength-training exercise. If the bench is too short, it may feel awkward beneath your body. Similarly, a bench that is narrow can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. One that is wider will do a better job of supporting your body.

Ability To Tilt

While there are some workout benches don't move, those that are adjustable offer you a lot more flexibility for your workouts. Many workout benches have a section of the bench that tilts upward, allowing you to sit upright on the bench with proper back support. When you choose a bench that you can adjust in this manner, you can be confident that you can perform more exercises than on a bench that solely remains parallel to the floor.

Pad Comfort

You'll also want to assess the feel of the pad on a few different workout benches. Some benches have a plastic pad, others have a pad made of rubber, and others have a plusher, stuffed pad. Many people prefer the latter design because it's more comfortable to lie on. There are also some people who appreciate the feel of a rubber bench pad beneath their bodies. The stickiness of the rubber can help you to feel as though you're firmly in place on the bench, rather than at risk of sliding off to either side. A sales rep can help you to find a workout bench that addresses each of these areas and that will be a good choice for your home gym.

For more help with picking out workout benches and other fitness equipment, reach out to a local exercise store.